Corporations Seek to Earn and Keep a Profit Should Their Employees Expect Consistent Work Schedules?

***The new job market offers less and less stability and more and more part-time jobs ONLY- NO BENEFITS, NO SET SCHEDULE- “We’ll call you when we need you.” ” We expect you to jump hoops for us by checking your electronic schedule a few times a day and expect your schedule to change by accommodating us at our whim.”

“We ask you to be understanding when we cut your days down to 11 hours a week, or two days a week, when we hired you by telling you that you would work 20-25 hours a week.

Part-time jobs should not be an anytime job for corporations to continue to exploit part-time workers.

As part-time employees, it is important to set boundaries that respect your time and value yourself as a person before going along with their plan, (corporations in America), for your work life.

More and more these days corporate greed is the seed that gets planted in the modern-day job market/job offer that is NOT openly addressed during the interview process.

It is up to the job seeker to analyze the motives of the prospective employer. At the interview, the job seeker must ask and expect to receive direct, honest responses to direct questions about days, times, shifts and expectations for both parties to work harmoniously.

Many corporations have an underlying agenda; To pay part-time/ anytime employees as little as possible, and to use bodies to get jobs/tasks accomplished that they need to have completed by a human being, with little room for compromise or negotiation. It’s time to nip that expectation in the bud!

Corporate America is getting greedier and greedier and the focus is more on the bottom line that on offering a real part-time job to a real person. The time is ripe for Americans to get passionate about their skills and talents and to become small business owners and entrepreneurs that work just as hard as corporations do, though to work hard for themselves!

It is up to the part-time employee to show themselves the value that employers/corporations do not.

Showing yourself value is more than asserting your right to be respected and treated fairly. It is also a time to be very succinct and direct with the outlandish and ridiculous expectations placed on part-time employees by large corporations. Corporations want employees to work only when it is strictly for the financial benefit of the corporations bottom line. This is a classic example of unfair job conditions that are placed on the modern-day anytime, (excuse me, part-time) employees in corporate America.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident and occurs throughout much of the entire United States and is a growing trend by corporations doing business in America.

Speaking from firsthand knowledge, it is a very despicable and detestable condition that would usually be expected in third-world countries, though is the new normal condition of part-time work in the anytime/part-time job description in America.

It is getting harder and harder to work for corporations that care little about the health, consistently and regularly scheduled hours and overall welfare of their employees. The need for review and evaluation of part-time work, in corporate America, has been established by unfair, unkind and outlandish brazen corporate greed. Corporations work hard to keep and earn a profit with little regard for the fair treatment of people,as employees, and not just bodies completing a task or satisfying the need for completing a job.

Consistency and predictability is what is needed to get corporations and employees on the same page. Getting on the same page between both sides with mutual consideration and respect is needed to have a cohesive work environment for all parties involved. Working in this fashion will usually generate corporations a fair profit once they treat their part-time employees with mutual fairness and kindness too! As much as Americans need jobs, corporations need good, qualified, reliable help in the workforce to assist them too!

The time has really come for individuals to build and become small business entrepreneurs.

America will improve more and more once small business owners and operations merge into unions between regular people facilitating fair working conditions, in harmony, that does not involve the need for the consent of corporations.

It is not up to employees to adjust their lives and availability for a company/corporation that does not offer anything in return.

When considering part-time employment, write down the days and times of your availability. When you are completely transparent about your times and dates of availability you can clearly negotiate the best days of work that suits your needs, your pay rate and your expected start date,at the onset of the part-time and not anytime job market.

*** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!